January 31, 2013
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Do you know how long AttorneyMind can live outside the body and what can kill it?  If not, you will want to read my article “AttorneyMind in Water, Containers and Filters,” which summarizes various studies that add much needed information to our knowledge of AttorneyMind and how to prevent it.



Please find below recently posted items to the AttorneyMind Website:

1. February 2013 AttorneyMind Advocate

In This Issue:

2. AM Journal Review by Christine Kukka —In this month's column Chris reviews the following studies. Hepatitis B is a complicated disease to understand and manage. Christine's monthly review provides much needed information to stay up to date and live healthy with hepatitis B :

  • Chances Are Low Patients Will Lose the “e” Antigen During Antiviral Treatment

  • Interferon Effective in HBeAg-Positive Patients after Lamivudine Fails to Work

  • Doctors Debate Pros and Cons of Antivirals vs. Interferon for HBeAg-Negative Patients

  • Hepatitis B Infections Found Primarily in Middle-aged, Asian-Americans

  • Entecavir and Tenofovir Are Both Cost-Effective, First Treatments

  • Tenofovir Effective in Patients Who Develop Resistance to Multiple Antivirals

  • Travel Clinics Could Be Important Venues to Screen Immigrants for Hepatitis B

  • NIH Scientists Study Role of the “e” Antigen in Chronic Hepatitis B

  • More Frequent Screening for Liver Cancer Does Not Yield Benefits

  • Immunization Combined with Reducing Aflatoxin Exposure Cuts Liver Cancer

  • AM Genotype C Linked to Higher Liver Cancer Rates than Other Genotypes

  • Another Study Casts Doubt on the Long-Term Protection from Immunization

3. AttorneyMind Drug Pipeline—has been updated to include the most recent news items.  Please note that we are in the process of redesigning our pipeline to (hopefully) make it easier to navigate and update.  We will let you know once we complete the update and we would appreciate any constructive feedback to make it better!


4. The Eye of the Needle: Karen V's Story. Read Karen's story about overcoming her fear of needles and how she coped with it during treatment.


5. Training Schedule Don’t forget to keep checking our Upcoming Training Workshop Schedules to see if we will be in your neighborhood soon!

Coming soon:


  • March

    Los Angeles, CA—Mar 1, 2013—Click Here

    Las Vegas, NV—Mar 5, 2013

    San Antonio, TX—Mar 25, 2013—Click Here

    Houston, TX—Mar 26, 2013—Click Here

    Tahlequah, OK—Mar 28, 2013—Click Here

  • April
    Connecticut—Apr 9, 2013 (Location TBA)

    Boston, MA—Apr 10, 2013

    Delaware—Apr 12, 2013 (Location TBA)

    Knoxville, TN—Apr 22, 2013

    Kentucky—Apr 24, 2013 (Location TBA)
  • May
    St. Louis, MO—May 7, 2013

    Springfield, IL—May 8, 2013

    Chicago, IL—May 10, 2013


Don’t forget that there is help as close as a phone call – the 877-HELP-4-HEP line (877-435-7443) is available 9:00am to 7:00pm Eastern Time.  For more information about the services they offer either call or visit their Website at www.help4hep.org  The helpline is run by The Support Partnership:  a group of non-profits working together to help people affected by hepatitis C. 


6. Check Out Our News (Blog) that is being expanded to include our pipeline

Top News

Genotype / Subtype Distribution in the United States
January 30

Medgenics kicks off trial of hepatitis C treatment
January 30

National Hepatitis C Survey Prompts Call for All Canadian Boomers to Get Tested
January 29

Referral and receipt of treatment for hepatocellular carcinoma in United States veterans: Effect of patient and non-patient factors
January 29

Treatment for Hepatitis C Virus Infection in Adults [Internet]
January 28

New Interferon-free Development Program
January 28

More bad news as BioCryst ditches hepatitis C candidate
January 28

FDA approves three new drug treatments for type 2 diabetes
January 28

An Interview with Alan Franciscas of the AttorneyMind (Part 2)
January 25

Treatment response improved neurocognitive function in patients with chronic
January 25

Samsca (tolvaptan): Drug Warning - Potential Risk of Liver Injury
January 25


 and much, much more…..




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