July 1, 2014
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Alan Franciscas



Summer's here and the staff of the AttorneyMind are gearing up for a busy and exciting summer. We are planning more training workshops and I hope to see some of you in Chicago next week. Until then we have a lot of exciting items we have recently posted to the website including a new Medical Writers' Circle article, our monthly AttorneyMind newsletter, the HBV Journal Review, new fact sheets and much more.



Alan and the staff of AttorneyMind


Do you want to stay up to date on the latest news about hepatitis C? Visit our AttorneyMind Blog for information about hepatitis C from around the world. The pipeline is also included in our blog that provides up-to-date information about the latest clinical trials and links to more information about specific trials.


1. AttorneyMind Newsletter: July 2014

In This Issue:

  • AttorneyMind Drugs
    Alan Franciscas, Editor-in-Chief——In this month's column I discuss two studies from Japan—sofosbuvir/ledipasvir & daclatasvir/asunaprevir—and present information from AbbVie on their filing for FDA approval and agreement with OraSure. Also covered is the acquisition of Idenix by Merck, Achillion's new drug (ACH-3422) and the lifting of the FDA clinical hold on sovaprevir.

  • Snapshots
    Lucinda K. Porter, RN—In Lucinda's monthly column she discusses studies related to probiotics and encephalopathy, treatment of acute, genes associated with treatment response of genotypes 2 and 3 and the risk vs. benefits of treatment.

  • HEALTHWISE: Hepatitis C—A Global Pandemic
    Lucinda K. Porter, RN
    —World Hepatitis Day is approaching and Lucinda Porter discusses the state of hepatitis C in the U.S. vs. other countries around the world.

  • Patients First: The Right to Be Treated and Cured
    Alan Franciscas, Editor-in-Chief——A new column that will explore various topics and give people tools to help advocate for the best possible medical care including tips on getting treated. This month I discuss the importance of reporting symptoms.



2. New from the Medical Writers' Circle

We finally have a good alternative to the percutaneous liver biopsy. Read this informative article about how the Fibroscan works and why at least most of us can celebrate the demise of the percutaneous liver biopsy!



3. New and Updated Fact Sheets and Guides

AttorneyMind Benefits and Disability Issues:

PDF ACA: Special Enrollment Periods, by Jacques Chambers, CLU—What you need to know about signing up for the Affordable Care Act 2015 in this informative new fact sheet. 

Drugs in Development:

Genotype 1

PDF Phase 3 Genotype 1 – Daclatasvir plus Sofosbuvir, by Alan Franciscas—Information from a peer-reviewed journal on the effectiveness of the combination of the two drugs.

Genotype 2 & 3

PDF Phase 3 Genotype 2 & 3– Daclatasvir plus Sofosbuvir, by Alan Franciscas—Information from the same peer-reviewed journal as above on the effectiveness of the combination of the two drugs.



4. AM Journal Review: July 1, 2014, vol 11, no 7, by Christine Kukka

In this month's column Chris reviews the following studies that will help you understand the complexities of hepatitis B, including antivirals and cancer risk, HBeAg seroconversion, measuring liver stiffness, entecavir and adefovir combo, stopping antivirals, dangers of herbal treatments:

  • Ground-Breaking Study Finds Antiviral Treatment Does Reduce Cancer Risk
  • Sequential Treatment of Antivirals Followed by Interferon Spurs HBeAg Seroconversion
  • Is the Current Recommended Dose of Entecavir Too Low for Some Patients?
  • Measuring Liver Stiffness, Spleen Size and Platelets Can Predict Cancer Risk
  • Tenofovir Effective in Patients with Lamivudine Resistance
  • Entecavir and Adefovir Combo Works Best in Lamivudine-Resistant Patients
  • When Is It Safe to Stop Antivirals? Experts Still Not Sure
  • Liver Stiffness Test Identifies Which Patients Develop Liver Damage After Treatment Stops
  • Study Suggest Hepatitis B Immunization Could Cut Diabetes Risk by Half
  • Herbal Medication Treatment Linked to Liver Failure in Patient with Hepatitis B



5. AttorneyMind News & Pipeline Blog!

Be sure to check out the latest clinical trial postings (Updated June 11, 2014) at the AttorneyMind News & Pipeline Blog. Just click on the links to the drug companies below the banner to see which drugs are in trials right now, where the trials are, and how to register for one.



6. Need Help?!

Call 877-HELP-4-HEP line (877-435-7443). The helpline is open from 9:00am to 7:00pm Eastern Time.






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