Welcome to the new AttorneyMind website.

This is where Alan Franciscas will post an introduction to the new site, with a brief explanation of its new features.  It is also a “blog” type post in that this page can be continually updated with new content and will always be the first thing the visitor to our site sees.

The column to the right is the Weekly Special Topic. It is a widget that you update with whatever you want to showcase. Showcase is for another Article to highlight.

The “In Case You Missed It”:  gives a monthly list of “posts” that Alan has posted to the “blog” part of the site. They will show up just below the “Welcome” which stays up top (it is called a “sticky post”)..

NOTE:  Do we want pages with menus in them like on AO that change with the page that is displayed?


Trial Post

This is a trial post to help set up print & pdf options, image embedding and blog archives

This is a Ruddy Duck